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Socially Responsible Investing Options

Monday, January 13th, 2020

Socially Responsible Investing Options
Today, more and more people are choosing to invest based on personal values that consider both financial return and social impact. This is known as socially responsible investing (SRI). The community foundation is pleased to offer SRI options for your fund!

A quick summary of socially responsible investing (SRI)
In general, socially responsible investors encourage corporate practices that promote environmental stewardship, consumer protection, human rights, and diversity. Some avoid businesses involved in alcohol, tobacco, fast food, gambling, pornography, weapons, contraception/abortion, fossil fuel production or the military. These are often summarized into three areas: environment, social justice, and corporate governance.

  • What SRI options does the community foundation offer?
    We currently offer an investment option called the Catholic Faith & Values Investment Pool. This investment pool follows the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop’s (USCCB) Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines that align with values and beliefs important to the Catholic faith.
  • Are there additional costs or fees?
    There is an increased investment expense associated with this pool, due to the specialized screening and management. However, there is no additional administrative fee at this time.
  • How is this pool managed?
    This investment pool is managed by a fund manager in Wichita who has many years of experience in managing specialized faith based investment portfolios. It follows an investment strategy similar to our existing investment pool, but uses additional screening filters to comply as closely as possible with the USCCB guidelines.
  • How do I move my fund?
    This option is available to all funds held within Greater Salina Community Foundation and its affiliates. Your fund can be moved to the Catholic Faith & Values Pool at any time. Call our office to initiate this easy process.

Contact Susan Weis, Director of Finance, at, or call 785-823-1800.