News Release

Community Foundation Sets Match Month Record!

Smoky Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) set a record for their match month this past fall raising $62,380 for twelve local nonprofit organization funds, that was then matched by $31,380 from the Patterson Family Foundation. The total impact was $93,760.

The Foundation kicked off their match month during Hyllngsfest on October 13th and extended through Giving Tuesday on November 28th for participating organization funds. Donations to these funds were matched at 100% up to $2,500 per organization by the Patterson Family Foundation.

Earlier this year in April, the Foundation had another successful match month in which $42,200 was raised for the Community Enhancement Fund and 14 organization funds with a $4,000 match from SVCF and $38,620 match from the Patterson Family Foundation.

The total between the spring and fall match events resulted in $178,580 in community impact!

The money in these funds is permanently endowed which means the principal of the gifts will grow over time, and the interest earned will be used to make annual grants, or provide long-term funding for area nonprofits.

"Thanks to the generosity of our community, along with the Patterson Family Foundation, we are exuberant to be able to raise funds that will directly impact the Smoky Valley community.", said Adam Lackey, SVCF Board Chair.

*The Patterson Family Foundation is a family-led, non-profit foundation continuing the legacy of Neal and Jeanne Patterson whose mission is advancing health care, education, and strengthening communities especially in rural areas in Kansas and western Missouri. They understand that local community foundations play a special role in serving their communities and hope to inspire more local donors to participate in rural philanthropy through rural serving community foundations, and for more donations to flow to local nonprofits as a result.